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Young Explorers

Kristen of SquarePeg Tours dressed as a historical character explains Winnipeg's history to school children

SquarePeg Tours offers a variety of experiences for seniors groups and organizations.  If coming to a SquarePeg Tours specializes in tours for young people by bringing the best elements of each full length tour to the forefront and turning it into a compact 1 hour version of edutainment!

Many tour subjects are aligned with the Manitoba School Curriculum as well and multiple classes have experience them been inspired & excited by our local history!

Using a combination of facts, strange humour and youthful antics into a tour experience gets youth into learning without knowing it.

Teachers for all grades, daycare staff, and even parents planning birthday parties have seized upon this opportunity to squeeze history into young unsuspecting minds leaving them intrigued and satisfied.


Walking Tour Prices

School Pricing for 1 hour tours
Grades K-12 Fee is $7.00 per child, max 40 kids.
No tax added.

Daycare Pricing for 1 hour tours
Grades K-6 Fee is $4.00 per child. Min 15 kids or flat rate of $100.
No tax added.

1 Hour In House Presentation Prices

Grades K-12 Fee is $150.00 flat, max 35 kids.
No tax added.

In House Presentations

Van Gogh’s Art
Emily Carr’s Art
Canadian Art & many more
The Titanic
The Swinging Rope: Vaughan Jail
Ghost Stories
Boom & Bust of Winnipeg

For more Booking Info
Email Kristen

Tours for all Ages

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Murder, Mystery & Mayhem Tour

Follow this gallows victim, if you dare, and you will hear stories of true crime and punishment Winnipeg style.

Pestilence, Shamans & Doctors Tour

Stroll along and learn about early medicine, plagues, First Nations medicines and stories about doctors who faced unique challenges.

Rebels, Riots & Reformers Tour

This tour features stories that made headlines such as the Riel Rebellion, fire fighter Billy Code, Manipogo and much more!

*The Murder, Mystery & Mayhem tour offers a shortened version appropriate for Grades 9 and under.

Tours for High schools only

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Naughty Bawdy Tour

Pull up your bootstraps and watch for coppers as you travel dark alleys of the historic Exchange District.

Wicked Winnipeg

Explore Winnipeg’s connection to notorious criminals and how they met their fate at the end of the rope.