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Lower Fort Garry Ghost Investigation

Special Event! Wanna be on TV?? Join your host SquarePeg Tours and special guests Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. from Falkland, BC, Canada who specializes in filming “live-action” TV shows. True North Paranormal is one of many projects of Thunder Boyz Productions Inc.

The Venue & Activities
Excellent old fort built in the early 1800s, this place has been used as a fur trading post, car club, penitentiary and asylum and now as a tour destination. A great variety of spirits have contacted us over the years at this location so join us to see who will make an “appearance” this time! Tools used are: pendulums, K2 meters, dowsing rods, table tipping and a spirit board.

Tour Dates

Call Kristen at ​204-898-4678 at or email at to book a date.

Contact us to book a custom tour.

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