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Boom & Bust of Winnipeg

Walk through downtown and hear how our city became the Chicago of the North and how we lost it all.

Broadway Ghost Walk

Hear stories about haunted locations and more along Broadway & Memorial Blvd.

City of Ghosts Bus Tour

Travel throughout the city of Winnipeg and hear stories of haunted buildings and learn about the causes of paranormal activity!

Dalnavert 3 Hour Ghost Investigation

Explore Dalanvert Museum from top to bottom and hear tales of politicians, servants and methods of communicating with spirit at the…

Exchange District Ghost Walk

October Only! Be guided through the dark streets of Winnipeg’s Exchange District to see some of Winnipeg’s most haunted buildings.

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem Tour

Follow this gallows victim, if you dare, and you will hear stories of true crime and punishment Winnipeg style.

Naughty Bawdy Tour

Pull up your bootstraps and watch for coppers as you travel dark alleys of the historic Exchange District.

Pestilence, Shamans & Doctors Tour

Stroll along and learn about early medicine, plagues, First Nations medicines and stories about doctors who faced unique challenges.

Rebels, Riots & Reformers Tour

This tour features stories that made headlines such as the Riel Rebellion, fire fighter Billy Code, Manipogo and much more!

Wicked Winnipeg

Explore Winnipeg’s connection to notorious criminals and how they met their fate at the end of the rope.

Winnipeg Winter Bus Tour

Explore Winnipeg’s December history, holiday traditions and more. Trivia, prizes, music, a scavenger hunt at Dalnavert Museum and more!

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Wild Women of Manitoba

Join us for a unique tour unlike anything in this country.  Get the goods on wild women who challenged the status quo and made history,…