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Had a tour for a national conference event and people loved it! Were raving about it for the rest of the conference. Highly suggest!
Nancy S. from Facebook

Broadway Ghost tour was great!
Carrie M. from Facebook

The best Winnipeg historic tour! So much fun and very interactive!
Samantha C. from Facebook

Went on the Walking Dead tour a few years ago. The lady who was in charge of leading us was very knowledgeable about history in Winnipeg and was very entertaining and enthusiastic. ♥ I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone!
Kyla M. from Facebook

Fun Talking to the Dead bus tour. Would try another tour to see if something more dramatic could happen.
Janette T. from Facebook

I went on the Talking Dead tour and that’s exactly what we did! Kristen is a great guide! She’s very knowledgeable about the city’s history, she made the night fun, not scary at all. So much fun that I volunteered to connect with Spirit, and it was an amazing experience. Next stop the Dalnavert Museum tour!
Jen M. from Facebook

First time doing a paranormal investigation. Dalnavert House Museum August 10th. It was fantastic!
Victoria S. from Facebook

I’m still baffled by what I learned and witnessed on this tour!! It was a special night for sure and we plan to take more tours next year!! Thank you Kristen for all of the history of Winnipeg’s dark past & I REALLY wish Facebook would allow me to upload my “Live” photos so you could see the anomalies pictured in action, but for this review, stills will have to do!! 10/10 would recommend this tour, just keep an open mind and have fun with it!!
Paige S. from Facebook

Just went to the Murder Mystery! It was amazing! Tour guide took us for a whirlwind of true stories of Winnipeg history! Cannot wait to go on another!
Ksenia R. from Facebook

Informative, fun and funny! You are sure to have a great time.
Debbie L. from Facebook