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Mediums & Preferred Businesses

Mystic Monica Readings

Photo of Monica Anderson smiling

I am a psychic/intuitive as well as an energy reader, meaning I can read without cards by just holding your hand. I have been reading for 13 years. I read from my home and Radiance Gifts on Corydon.I also do groups and parties. I work with my angels, spirit guides and my readings are always for your greater good.

Monica Anderson

(204) 221-8483

Bold Social Strategies

Photo of Michelle Virog leaning on a brick wall smiling

Facebook & LinkedIn Strategist helping companies grow their audience organically and become a trusted source of information for their target market. Join my FREE Facebook Group: Facebook Branding Secrets for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

Michelle Virog

Fire Fighters Museum

Photo of the historical Winnipeg Fire Fighters Museum with two Fire Engines parked inside

The Fire Fighters Museum of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Museum offers an extensive collection of vintage fire apparatus, artifacts, pictures and information about the history of fire fighting in the city of Winnipeg and it’s suburbs. Have a glimpse of what fire fighting was like from 1882 to the present day.The museum has an extensive collection of vintage fire apparatus, artifacts, pictures and information about the history of fire fighting in the city of Winnipeg and its suburbs.

Fire Fighters Museum

Winnipeg Paranormal Group

Group photo of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group

Our mission is to provide a service to the community members of Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba who may be experiencing paranormal phenomena.
What we do:
– Investigate claims of paranormal phenomena and activity using scientific equipment to collect data and evidence.
– Analyze and assess unedited video, audio, and photographic evidence.
– Research potential causes for paranormal phenomena.

Kelly Smith

Medium Sid Wittmann

Photo of Sid Wittmann smiling in front of a fireplace

Sid offers Psychic, mediumship, and Akashic records readings and can also offer a combination session. Besides private readings, group reading parties, healing touch & therapeutic touch and clearings are available in your home or workplace.

Sid Wittmann

Medium Kristel Kernaghan

Photo of Kristel Kernaghan smiling

Home to International Canadian Psychic Medium, Kristen Kernaghan. As a Psychic Medium, Kristel is able to raise her frequency to very high levels while your loved ones in Spirit lower their frequency and Kristel and the Spirits meet in the middle to mediate – hence the term “Medium.” Kristel uses her heightened psychic senses to feel, see, hear,  & know, messages from your loved ones! 

Kristel Kernaghan

Dalnavert Museum &
Visitors Centre

Photo of the exterior of the Dalnavert Museum & Visitor Centre

Built in 1895, The Dalnavert Museum is a small Victorian Mansion nestled in the heart of Winnipeg’s Downtown. This unique museum features a “day in the life” feel as it transports you back in time to the 19th century as soon as you step inside. It was home to former Manitoba premier, Police Magistrate, and lawyer Sir Hugh John Macdonald, and his family. MacDonald was the son of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

Dalnavert Museum