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About SquarePeg Tours

Grab onto something wild & unexpected right here in WinniPEG! Experience this city on a whole new level where we will take you places you didn’t know existed. Our strange methods and bits of knowledge will reveal a side of WinniPEG that will shock and surprise you!

About the Guide

SquarePeg Tours guide smiles in front of a historical building in Winnipeg

Kristen Treusch opened Muddy Water Tours in 2002 after a trip to Scotland in 2001. During her trip she experienced the typical touristy activities such as site seeing and museums. But two distinct tour experiences changed something in her mind. After returning to Winnipeg that fall, Kristen continued her studies in Canadian History at the University of Winnipeg and began conjuring up an idea that would later become a popular local tourist attraction.

Having taken a comedic “ghost” tour in Inverness and visiting a jail in Inveraray, Kristen pondered if Winnipeg had any tours similar to that experienced in Scotland. She discovered that not only was there a void in this area in tourism but also that there may be a market for it. Kristen began that summer with two tours, the Murder, Mystery and Mayhem tour ( which was influenced by the Inverness tour) and the Boom & Bust of Winnipeg. Secondly, she began delving into the situation surrounding an old jail sitting idly in the downtown area. Since then, Kristen has been advocating for the preservation of this old site, written a book about it, and exposed the public to its stories annually during the Doors Open event held each May.

For twenty years, her tour company has expanded to include over 30 tours and presentations, art workshops, winning awards and and incorporating paranormal tourism, hosting a metaphysical conference for 9 years, offering tours remotely across the country, and a name-change several years ago, now known as SquarePeg Tours.

As a result of her outstanding work, Kristen has collected nominations, awards and recognition for her endeavours. She has had her work published in several local sources, her research on the jail was converted into a documentary for MTS, has partnered with an opera company, and done many spots on television and radio discussing local historical and haunted locations.

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree, a Bachelor of Arts: Art History and Masters Degree in Canadian History from the University of Manitoba and Winnipeg.

Why SquarePeg Tours?

Unique history delivered in a unique way.​

Manitoba history is chalk full of odd bits and humorous stories that excites and motivates people to learn more!  Winnipeg has it all, so many square pegs who changed local and national history.  Join us and see how those round holes turned out!

Kristen’s first book is finally available!
Forgotten History: The Untold Stories of Manitoba’s First Provincial Jail. 1881-1930


Contact Kristen for your copy.

Photo of the front of Kristen Treusch's book Forgotten History: The Untold Stories of Manitoba's First Provincial Jail